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Helping Keep Properties Clean since 1977

Litter Licker® Products by Hawkex

Litter Licker® Products by Hawkex, established in 1977, is the sole manufacturer/distributor of Litter Licker® brand products. Litter Licker® is a fully registered TM of Hawkex Sales in Canada/USA.


Specializing in the direct sale of unique hand-held property clean-up tools.


The tools are mainly steel frames with Ultra-Wear catch-bags and other frames that will accept garbage bags of any size and quality which will attach and detach in seconds. Litter rakes, grabbers and brooms complete the picture.


For over 45 years our name and products have been held in high regard as evidenced by the constant feedback from municipalities, schools and property maintenance managers.


We look forward to helping you clean up in half the time!


Hours of Operation

Please call or email for hours.

PO Box 8062, Collingwood, ON, L9Y 0H1 


Clean Up in Half the Time


Get Clean-Up Advice

We can recommend a clean-up tool 

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